Dthera Sciences makes AI-powered tablet for Alzheimer’s, Dementia patients

CEO Edward Cox and Chief Technology Officer Dave Keene of Dthera Sciences visited the studio to talk about their ReminX Tablet for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.

Dthera Sciences is a publicly traded Digital Therapeutics company based in San Diego that is focused on developing innovative digital ‘quality of life’ therapies for neurodegenerative diseases and other chronic conditions. Dthera Sciences is currently working to improve Quality of Life (QoL) and reduce anxiety in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia (ADOD)

DTHR’s lead product, ReminX, (www.reminx.com) is an artificial-intelligence-powered digital therapeutic designed to improve quality of life in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. The product recently completed a successful clinical trial with the University of California San Diego showing its effectiveness as a scalable form of Reminiscence Therapy.

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