DUI awareness program simulates effects of deadly crash

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — It’s a sobering look at the effects of drunk driving. Students at one North County High School found themselves face-to-face Wednesday with some of the terrible consequences of driving while drunk.

Don’t drink and drive: It’s a message most of us have heard countless times, but students at Valley Center High School got that message in a manner they’ll never forget.

"Every 15 Minutes," is a two-day program designed to bring awareness of the impact that drinking and driving, and other unhealthy choices, can have on friends, families and the community.

The first day of the program is highlighted by a simulated traffic collision that will be conducted in the High School Stadium involving an impaired teenage driver and fatally injured victims.  

The event includes emergency responses from sheriff, fire, ambulance and other first responders, just as an actual collision would require. 

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