Early voting begins in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Voting in the California Primary began Monday and this year, the Trump factor: several local competitive races and a surge in voter registration and the turnout could exceed 60 percent.

The in city of San Diego, there are more than 57,000 new voters and most will be voting by mail.

Over 9 thousand mail ballots will be sent out in the next couple of days, but many people were registering Monday and some actually voted at the registrar’s office.

County Registrar of Voters, Michael Vu, said we’ve seen this upward trend of voting by mail for several years.

"In fact, since 2004 our increase of permanent mail ballot voters have been over 400 percent, so 900 thousand in this election is the most mail ballots that we have sent out in any election thus far," Vu said.

That confirms the trend in mail ballots continues to increase.

"For this primary election we see upwards of about 400 thousand to 600 thousand mail ballots being returned, I anticipate of course 900 thousand mail ballots going out that could be higher than the 60-thousand range and maybe even higher than that," Vu added.

And coupled with the increase in registrations turnout will also be higher. The last open presidential primary was 2008 when turnout was 61 percent.

"When we didn’t have an open presidential election that would be in 2012 we saw a 37 percent turnout, so I anticipate that we’re gonna certainly have a higher turnout, upwards of 60 percent maybe even higher than that," Vu said.

There are also several issues to draw voters statewide, and locally. In the city of San Diego, there’s the mayor’s race, five council seats, city attorney and nine ballot measures.

Here are the registration numbers as of April 30th.

  • Nearly 1,500,000 registered voters in the county.
    • 527 thousand Democrats
    • 480 thousand Republicans and 386 decline to state or independents

Of the 57 thousand new voters in the city alone, Vince Vasquez of National University looked at who registered by party.

  • 42 percent were Democrats
  • 23 percent were Republicans
  • 28 percent were Independents
  • 51 percent were young voters

The ballot will have a number of complex issues for the voters and the registrar. This year you’ll need time to study the sample ballots.

"Some of them could be 16 pages long and if you live In the city they could be upwards of 158 pages in terms of those sample ballots," Vu said.

The last day to register for the June primary is May 31. 

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