East County Game of the Week: El Camino vs. Steele Canyon

The East County Game of the Week will feature the El Camino Wildcats (6-5) and the Steele Canyon Cougars (7-3) in the Division I Quarterfinals. Kickoff is scheduled this Friday, Nov. 21st at 7pm at Steele Canyon High School.

The 8th seed team, El Camino, will travel 53 miles southeast to face the Cougars. The Wildcats have a great start going into playoffs, they beat Valhalla last week 31-17. Defeating the Norsemen have given the Wildcats the momentum they need when they face Steele Canyon. Wildcats will rely on their strong line to protect their quarterback, Dominick Wood-Anderson and make those incredible plays.

Steele Canyon is seated in the number 2 spot in the Division 1 bracket. According to Coach Longerbone, “Steele Canyon has not been a top 4 seed in the last seven or eight years.That alone is great accomplishment.” Having the bye week in the first round has given the Cougars the time to reflect on the last 16 weeks. Coach Longerbone has implemented workouts to bring back memories of the first week of camp. Whether it’d be flipping tires, battle rope exercises and straight hustling, these 33 seniors are reflecting and appreciating the hard work and dedication of this Cougar team. With a normal routine of practice going into this week, the ultimate goal is to win by one point on Friday night, according to Coach Longerbone.

The winner of this game will advance to the semifinals and plays the winner of the St. Augustine vs. Vista match. Catch the highlights on the Prep Pigskin Report at 10:30pm.

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