East County Game of the Week Preview: Brawley vs. El Capitan

In Week 14, the East County Game of the Week crew is headed out to the DII Semifinals where the Brawley Wildcats (10-1) will face the El Capitan Vaqueros (11-0).Kickoff is scheduled on Friday, Nov. 28th at 7pm located at El Capitan High School.

The visiting Wildcats of Brawley will trek 109 miles west to face the Vaqueros this week. “Moving from a Division 4 league to a Division 2 league this year has been challenging,” stated Coach Jon Self. However, his Brawley team has been preparing this game like they have been all season. Brawley played a great game last week against West Hills as they defeated the Wolf Pack 29-13. Moving on to the Semis, Coach Self is excited for his team, “It’s a big game and we need to play mistake free football.”

The Vaqueros have had an incredible season so far. Last week El Cap defeated Mt. Carmel 48-6. This 11 game undefeated winning streak is just the momentum they need when they face this Brawley team. “We have a very tough opponent and it will take our A game to beat them. Very well coached and very fast,” stated coach Ron Burner. The Vaqueros are focused on Brawley, and have been working exceptionally hard this week. The focus on Friday night: “We talk about one play at a time for 48 minutes,” stated Coach Burner.

Both teams are fierce competitors, but only one team will advance to the Finals on Dec. 6th and face the winner of the Rancho Bernardo vs. San Marcos game. Which teams will advance in the DII finals? Find out at 10:30pm on KUSI-PPR.

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