East County residents continue to fight potential redistricting

EL CAJON (KUSI) – Just days ahead of the deadline to submit the county’s redistricting maps, more changes arrived after fierce community pushback.

Earlier renderings excluded El Cajon from East County, moving the rural district to Supervisor Chair Nathan Fletcher’s territory.

Pushback was swift and on the night of Dec. 11, a Saturday, a special meeting was held to find compromise.

However, those who are part of the Middle Eastern community said it still isn’t good enough.

The updated maps would still divide El Cajon from Rancho San Diego, another community with a large Middle Eastern population.

Advocates and some elected officials said by allowing Rancho San Diego, Spring Valley and other eastern communities to be grouped into a more central and coastal district would divide cultures and misrepresent those who live there.

Mayor of El Cajon, Bill Wells, joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on “Good Evening San Diego” to discuss the latest.

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