East Village residents scared for their safety as criminal homeless takeover downtown

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego’s homeless population continues to reach new record highs every month, and City leadership continues to ignore the problem.

San Diego icon Bill Walton called on Mayor Todd Gloria to resign back in 2022, as he detailed his failures regarding the homeless issue in a lengthy press conference. Gloria ignored Walton and continued to act as if the growing homeless population in San Diego was not a problem at all.

Fast forward a few months to the present, and San Diego residents from various backgrounds are still trying to get Mayor Todd Gloria to admit there is a serious problem, putting law-abiding San Diego residents, including women and children, into dangerous situations on a daily basis.

A group of East Village residents have came together to create a group called, “East Village Doers.” The group essentially has decided that they have no choice but to take the homeless crisis into their own hands. They have started publishing blatant criminal activity and drug use by members of the homeless population to raise awareness, as they continue to try and get the help they deserve from law enforcement authorities.

East Village resident Giorgio Kirylo, a retired Marine, joined KUSI’s Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego to explain how dire the homeless situation is in his downtown neighborhood.

Kirylo emphasized that working families live in his building, and there are plenty of children that call East Village home. On a daily basis, Kirylo says he and other East Village residents see the homeless using drugs in the open, going to the bathroom in the open, exposing themselves to anyone walking the sidewalk. Adding that San Diego Police are unable to do anything about it, as he told Phinney that City Attorney Mara Elliott has decided not to enforce homeless related crime.

That’s how the East Village Doers group was formed. They have been forced into interacting with the homeless, telling them to move to another street, so the kids in the area don’t have to see their criminal acts. But Kirylo also urged caution in doing so, as he says many members of the homeless population in downtown are armed.

Kirylo posted the video to his Instagram page (below), with a sarcastic caption calling out Mayor Todd Gloria and other elected officials.


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