Easter dangers for pets

With Easter just a few days away it is important to remember there are some dangers around the holiday for our pets.

Easter candy:

There are many different types of candy available around the Easter holiday and none are safe for pets. Pet owners should be mindful of who finds the eggs and baskets placed around their home. The safest way to avoid interactions between pets and candy is to keep pets away from the areas where candy is within reach and make sure all eggs are accounted for. Chocolate toxicity can be a very serious illness in pets because they do not metabolize the ingredients in chocolate the same way as people leading to serious side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, elevated heart rate, and seizures. Other types of candy can also pose a threat due to high sugar levels that can cause diarrhea and pancreatic inflammation.

Pets as gifts:

Many families want to give rabbits or chicks as gifts during the Easter holiday. It is never a good idea to give pets as a gift. Both rabbits and chicks will live several years when well taken care of and should be considered a serious pet. Rabbits and chicks require a protected space that should be well maintained and cannot be left outdoors alone to fend for themselves.

Miscellaneous dangers:

Beware of pets eating Easter grass. The strands of Easter grass can cause serious problems and blockages when ingested. Cats are the most likely culprits of Easter grass consumption. Cats are also very susceptible to lily toxicity and cat owners should not have lilies in the house to avoid serious consequences. Many families will have a big dinner celebration and it’s important to remember that pets should not be fed off the table!

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