San Diego weather warming up inland for Easter weekend

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Easter weekend will open with a partly-cloudy Friday with a high of 71 degrees in coastal San Diego regions, making for a cool spring weekend in Southern California. A coastal eddy will come in Friday night, however, bringing fog into the county that will make for an overcast start to Saturday. Sunday will also have a thick marine layer in the early morning hours. 

Inland cities continue to see temperatures warming up, with a high of 80 Friday. Temperatures will remain in the high 70’s through the weekend, and Saturday is on course to be the warmest day. Mountain areas will have clear skies through the weekend with temperatures sustaining in the low 60’s. Desert temperatures will peak at 87 degrees Friday and hold around that mark through the weekend. 

Rain won’t be on the way over Easter weekend, but next week could start with wet conditions.

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