Easy remedies for aches & pains

SAN DIEGO (KUSI ) – Approximately one-third of Americans report they feel aches and pains “very often” or “often”— more than people in any other country, according to a new National Bureau of Economic Research survey titled, “Unhappiness and Pain in Modern America.” Life can certainly be painful, and while some pain will have us rushing to the emergency room, other aches and pains can be neglected especially if the source of pain is something we enjoy doing, or habitually cannot live without.

Pain can be a tricky problem for doctors to pinpoint, which is why natural health expert, Dr. Christine Horner, MD, author of two award-winning books, about best prevention practices for a wide-range of disease conditions says, too many doctors get trigger happy when it comes to prescribing treatments for acute pain that may be better suited for more severe or chronic pain. She says a better approach is to identify the triggers and opt for lifestyle modifications and nonprescription choices first. Dr. Horner says everyday activities many people engage in can lead to pain that we attempt to “push through” because we want to continue to do the activity. She will share with your audience the symptoms, causes and fixes for three common activities that lead to pain that may be overlooked in the neck, back and feet (talking points include what to do about a text neck, gardener back and runner’s heel – ALSO for visuals, Horner will bring in a pain relief garden to show your viewers what foods have been proven by science to relieve pain, including: mint, edamame, hot peppers, ginger and turmeric).

Dr. Christine Horner, MD, is an award-winning author of, ‘Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty.’ and leading expert in natural health. She is credited with launching a five-year crusade called the Breast Reconstruction Advocacy Project (BRA Project) that led to the passage of an unprecedented federal law that was signed by President Bill Clinton in 1998, requiring insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

n the early 1990s, Dr. Horner became alarmed over the increasing number of very young women she saw in her practice diagnosed with breast cancer. When her own mother was diagnosed and then died from breast cancer, Dr. Horner began an intensive search of the medical literature to find what-if anything-could help prevent breast cancer. What she found was a tremendous amount of little-known research proving that woman can significantly reduce their risk of breast cancer and of most other chronic diseases through natural means: eating the right foods, exercising, sleeping during the ideal hours, and using techniques of Complementary and Alternative. From that moment Dr. Horner incorporated all of these techniques into her own life and then became passionate about teaching others how to stay healthy naturally.

In effort to get this information out to as many people as possible, in 1999 Dr. Horner worked to create the first ever syndicated television news segment exclusively focused on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and natural approaches to staying healthy. It aired on WCPO-TV and then WLW-TV in Cincinnati. Dr. Horner was the host and medical editor of the segment. In 2001, the segment was syndicated on the WISDOM Television Network, reaching 5.5 million households.

In June 2002, Dr. Horner left her plastic surgery practice so that she could dedicate herself full time to writing and teaching about her passion: prevention-oriented medicine and how to become and stay healthy naturally.

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