Economic roundtable to help disadvantaged communities with economic development

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Local State Senator Ben Hueso put together an economic roundtable today in an effort to help the state’s disadvantaged communities with economic development.

We’ve told you in recent years about the federal government’s promise and opportunity zones in America’s disadvantaged communities. They are zones created by the Obama and Trump Administrations respectively.

Our region has two promise zones, one in San Diego, the other in Chula Vista.

The funding is obviously welcome, but the goal of Friday’s roundtable which included not only elected leaders, but federal and state economics people, was to determine how much more the state can do to boost the economic revitilization in such communities. This is especially important now that the state has done away with redevelopment agencies.

And, the more the state invests, so to speak, the more the feds recognize that in increased funding.

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