Edison: No date set to restart San Onofre plant units

SAN ONOFRE (CNS) – There is no timeline to return the units of the San
Onofre Nuclear Generating Station to service, Southern California Edison
President Ron Litzinge said this week.

The announcement was made in response to media reports referring to June
dates for the restart of the plant's Units 2 and 3, Litzinger said.

Those dates were provided by Edison to the Independent System Operator
in March as a purely administrative matter for long-range planning purposes
because the Independent System Operator requires an estimated return to service
date to be posted, Litzinger said.

These dates are for planning purposes only and subject to change,
Litzinger said.

“We want to clarify the use of planning dates and make sure it is clear
that there is no timeline on nuclear safety,” Litzinger said.

Edison continues to conduct causal analysis and develop repair and
corrective actions plans. When Edison is satisfied it can return the units to
service safely, it will submit these plans to the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission, Litzinger said.

Unit 3 of the plant has been shut down since Jan. 31, when station
operators detected a leak in one of its steam generator tubes. Its two steam
generators are undergoing extensive testing and inspections in order to fully
assess their condition and the cause of the leak.

Unit 2 was taken down for planned maintenance Jan. 9.

Unit 1 was shut down in 1992 over fears that it could not withstand a
major earthquake.

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