Effort underway to recall state lawmaker who supported gas tax hike

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Former San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio is leading an effort to recall a state lawmaker who supported the California gas tax hike.

The effort, being dubbed "The Gazelle Strategy," will focus its efforts on the recalling of Orange County State Senator Josh Newman(D-Fullerton), who was the deciding vote in favor of the gas tax hike. The goal is for Newman to be recalled and tell those in favor of the tax "Either you repeal the car tax or we will pick off more of you."

The new gas tax, signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown Friday, could cost to up to $700 more per household a year. California already pays one of highest gas taxes of any state in the country, but it has the worst roads despite the higher taxes.

The money generated from the new gas tax will be sent to the California general fund, which means there is no guarantee that the money will be used strictly to improve the infrastructure of California roads, which is drawing the concern of many.

The Gazelle Strategy, named after the process of how lions work together to single the weakest gazelle to hunt instead of attacking an entire pack at once, will follow a similar path, starting with Josh Newman.

The campaign intends to collect 60,000 signatures within the next month to force Senator Newman from office.

After Newman is recalled, Democrats will lose their Super Majority and will be unable to raise taxes on their own accord.

DeMaio and those in support have a list of unnamed targets who supported the gas tax, one of which is in San Diego, whom they will focus on recalling next if the tax is not repealed after Newman is recalled.

If the Gazelle Strategy is unsuccessful and the tax is not repealed, the next step would be to hold a state referendum. 

In 2003 Senator Gray Davis was recalled and the proposed gas tax was rescinded that year.

Over 50,000 signatures have been signed into the initiative already.

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