Eggs being smuggled through US-Mexico border at record rates

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With egg prices skyrocketing, San Diegans began searching elsewhere for their poultry-laid products.

Alternative means to procuring eggs might include setting up a personal chicken coup or going across the border for a month’s worth of cartons.

Spikes in both live chicken purchases and egg confiscations at the US-Mexico border show that San Diegans are scrambling to avoid egg prices.

The bird flu is one reason for the supply shortage, which has resulted in price hikes, but that is not the whole story. KUSI’s Dan Plante points out that the voter approved Proposition 12, has resulted in egg farmers closing down for good.

As of January 2022, all eggs must come from range free chickens, forcing egg farmers to spends lots of money converting their operations to comply.

KUSI’s Dan Plante was live from the border with all the details.



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