French naval vessel detects black box ping from EgyptAir flight 804 wreckage

EGYPT (KUSI) — One of the black boxes from EgyptAir flight 804 has been detected by a French naval vessel, investigators said Wednesday. Locator equipment on board the French vessel La Place picked up a ping in the Mediterranean Sea, the Egyptian investigative committee said in a statement.

The flight crashed on May 19 in the Mediterranean, leaving authorities searching for wreckage for weeks. Officials have discovered small debris, victims’ remains and other personal effect but have yet to discover the fuselage of the downed Airbus A320. Black boxes can transmit one-to-three miles, according to CNN aviation analyst Mary Schiavo, which means authorities could be closing in on the wreckage. 

Locating the black boxes within a 30-day window was an important piece of the investigation. 

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"The investigators are up against the clock," said aviation analyst Justin Green. "If they don’t find the black boxes in the next 30 days the job of finding them is going to be much harder because the black boxes may no longer be sending out a sonar ping which will help them identify it." 

66 people were on board EgyptAir flight 804. Officials hope the data recorders provide evidence about what caused the crash. 

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