El Cajon Ford East County Game of the Week: Mission Hills Grizzlies 49, Grossmont Foothillers 48

The El Cajon Ford east county game of the week was an offensive battle. Both Grossmont and Mission Hills scored 7 touchdowns a piece, ramping the score up to 49-48, with the grizzlies on top. 

The game started off quick, with the Grossmont defense scoring on a pick six within the first minute of play. But Mission Hills responded with the next possession, Sam Dixon taking in a three yard run to tie it up at seven. 

The second quarter looked like this: Mission Hills Sam Dixon 1 yard touchdown run, Grossmont’s Hunter Gaines to Dominique Guevara 21 yard touchdown pass, Sam Dixon 1 yard touchdown, Grossmont’s Shevell Sterling 19 yard touchdown run, Mission Hills Jack Tuttle to Sam Cooke down field for 41 yard touchdown, Hunter Gaines to Guevara again this time for a 32 yard touchdown. Going into halftime, the score was 28-28. It is safe to say this game was a great choice for the game of the week in east county. 

The fourth quarter is where the game was decided. Grossmont’s James Mackey found the end zone for a 5 yard touchdown, but the extra point was blocked by Mission Hills. This would end up being the game decider, as Mission Hills was able to drive down and score, Jack Tuttle on the quarterback keep, to take the lead 49-48. With less than 30 seconds on the clock, Grossmont’s Hunter Gaines was able to move the ball down field into field goal range, but after two attempts at the kick, Grossmont was unable to finish the job and Mission Hills walked away with the victory. 

Both teams fought hard for that spot in the next round of the Open Division playoffs. But only one could go on. Chris Hauser’s grizzlies will face Cathedral at the Dons field next Friday. Cathedral is still undefeated, but after watching this Mission Hills team, it is clear they won’t go down without a fight, and are experienced in pulling off the upset. 


The week 13 El Cajon Ford East County Game of the Week features the Mission Hills Grizzlies (5) and the Grossmont Foothillers (4). Although there are other east county schools in the playoffs this week, this matchup was a clear choice to be in the PPR spotlight. 

Mission Hills is no stranger to the Open Division playoff bracket, having won the title back in 2013, and making it to the quarterfinals the last 2 seasons. With a loss to St. Augustine in the quarterfinals last year, as well as a tough loss two weeks ago in the Discovery Bowl, it is safe to say the Grizzlies feel like they have a lot to prove.  

Grossmont is entering the Open Division for the first time, having made it to the playoffs in other divisions in the past. But this Foothiller team sets itself apart from ones that have come before them. With Dominique Guevara setting the single season record for touchdowns by a Foothiller just two weeks ago, accompanied by a top performing quarterback in Hunter Gaines, who’s thrown over 2,000 yards this season, if there was ever a Grossmont team to ride through the Open Division playoffs, it’s this one. 

These two teams last met back in 2009, with the Grizzlies taking the win 35-7. It is a safe bet that this Friday’s matchup will feature more points on the board for the Foothillers, as they average 37 points per game this season. However, the Grizzlies are not to be underestimated as they have taken down top ranked teams this season like Oceanside, LCC and El Camino. 

With an advancement to the next round of playoffs on the line, both teams will be fighting for the win. The Foothillers are looking to continue one of the best seasons they have had to date, while the Grizzlies look to come back from a couple hard losses over the last few weeks. The winner of the game will go on to face either Cathedral (1) or Torrey Pines (8) in the quarterfinals next Friday. 

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