El Cajon Valley 21, Southwest SD 6

The El Cajon Valley Braves took on the Southwest Raiders this week which was a pretty tough game to get through, but the Braves got their second win this week, 21-6.

The Braves had some time to rest and prepare this week because they had a bye in week four but the extra preparation showed in this game. The Braves were able to hold the Raider offense for four entire quarters, not even letting them pass the 5 yard line until the very last play of the fourth quarter. The Braves were a little aggressive tonight, but so was the Raiders on both ends. There were countless penalties for both teams causing tons of yardage loss. Neither team was happy with that but they fight through the calls.

Southwest had many opportunities to score and also pick the ball off of the Braves, but they were unable to think quickly and respond to the situations that they were in. They struggled throughout the whole game with players on the field; not having enough, having too many, and then switching players around in positions. But in the end they were able to push through the Brave defense and get a touch down as the last play of game. Braves are now 2-2 and the Raiders drop to 1-4.

Categories: PPR Week 5