El Cajon Valley 49, Horizon 34

In the first round of the playoffs the Horizon Panthers were taken down by the El Cajon Valley Braves 49-34. The Braves played with nothing less but 100% and full of heart to receive this victory.

In the 1rst ECV’s Matthew Shearin would take the ball from 9 yards out, 7-0 ECV. On the play after kickoff, Horizon would fumble and ECV would recover. Two plays later QB Meriton Hasani would run it in from 2 yards out, 14-00 ECV.

Later in the 2nd, Horizon would get on the board when Joshua Gaudet hits Anthony Oseguera for a 14 yard touchdown, 14-6 ECV. Who else but Guadet to run it in from 13 yards for the td, tied at 14. Before the half Mr. Shearin would strike again, this time from 19 yards out to make it 21-14 ECV.

Coming back from the half Horizon would surge to take the lead. Guadet would hit Christian Arlington from 12 yards out in the 3rd and in the 4th Freshman Oscar Navarro would run it in from 6 yards out , 28-21 Horizon. ECV would answer right back with who else but Matthew Shearin to run it in from 12 yards out, 28 all. The Braves would play a little knock knock joke on the panthers on their next possession. Knock, knock, who’s there, Shearin, Shearin who? Shearin is going to score! This time from 42 yards out, 35-28 ECV. The braves would pull away and not look back after that TD. Fadi Putrus would get in on the scoring action as he would dance and weave his way in from 38 yards out, 42-28 ECV. Horizons Joshua Gaudet would connect a 49 yard with Daniel Welch for the 49 yard touchdown, 42-34 ECV. Who’s name would you think gets called next? You guessed it, #22 Matthew Shearin. It look like déjà vu as he takes the ball down the middle to the end zone from 60 yards out.

El Cajon Valley will move on to take on the Bishop Knights as they celebrate their first playoff game since 2005. The last time the Braves won a playoff game was when Silver Pigskin winner QB Abraham Muheize led them to the CIF Finals in 2005. Next week will feature a sibling rivalry, as Akili Smith gets to face little brother Ray-Ray.

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