El Cajon Valley Braves back on the field for summer practice

After three months of virtual training, the El Cajon Valley Braves are back on the field, but not for your normal summer time practice. With the coronavirus pandemic, every team is changing the style of their practice now specific CDC guidelines must be followed.

“Firs thing we are doing is two separate (practice) times. Within those timed sessions, those groups have no more than 12 to a pod. Before they walk in, we do temperature checks, and then once their out here, again its just trying to keep them 6 feet apart. We are disinfecting all the stations. Out number one goal right now is to be able to stay out here”, said head coach Nicholas Osborn.

“Its way better being on the field”, senior quarterback Joe Malone added. Since the athletes have to stay 6 feet apart, Communication has become the key element while building the team. “We kind of just use our words and stuff, like we’ll just clap and hype each other up instead of actually high-fiving each other” said Malone.

“It feels good to be back out and workout and stuff like that but I just don’t feel the same type of bonding connection that we would get from being able to interact with one another and be hands on like the sport football is,” said senior wide receiver Clarence Johnson.


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