Game of the Week: El Camino 34, Point Loma 12

The El Camino Wildcats shut down the lights at Point Loma after a 34-12 victory over the Pointers. It may have taken 93 years for Point Loma to get stadium lights, but it only took the Wildcats 48 minutes to send the Pointers looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The Wildcats started their prowl with a 74-yard touchdown by Wayne Steward putting them up 7-0 in the first quarter.  It wasn’t long before Malachi Russell caught a 22- yard pass from Jaden Casey to put them up 14-0 going into the half.  After the half, Malachi Russell scored two more touchdowns totaling 100-yards, making that 184 total yards for the game.

Point Loma put themselves on the board in the 3rd quarter with a 35-yard touchdown pass from Kyle Grady to JL Skinner pulling them within eight of the Wildcats.  In their last play of the game, they were able to score one last touchdown making the score 34-12 El Camino.

This was the second year in a row that El Camino has defeated Point Loma in their first game of the season.  We are eager to see how these two teams will play when they meet again later on in the season. 

PREVIEW: Kicking off the first week for the Prep Pigskin Reports game of the week will be the Wildcats from El Camino high school in Oceanside traveling down south as they face the Pointers at Point Loma. Last season when these teams faced each other, first and last games of the season, they both came out with a win. El Camino defeated Point Loma in their first game 21-8, but were not so lucky to carry that momentum as they faced the Pointers in their final game of 2016 with a 42-35 loss.

While El Camino did not have a winning season in 2016, they know how to put high numbers on the board and get their men into the end zone. The Wildcats also know how to hold their own on defense, almost always keeping their opponents to a close score. This new 2017 team is made up of almost all upper class men which should help give them an edge for this upcoming season.

Point Loma did however have a better season winning 5 games one of which being their second to last game against El Camino. The Pointers went on to the first round of playoffs but ended up losing to the mighty Saints from St. Augustine. Eager to see how both of these teams have grown over the year, check out which team will rise and come out with a win on PPR Friday night!

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