El Capitan Vaqueros back on the field for summer practice

Ron Burner and the El Capitan football team out on the field for their second day of summer practice. The vaqueros taking all the right steps to keep their athletes healthy, checking their temperature at the door, putting them in smaller groups, and practicing social distancing. Nothing but smiles and excitement out on the field.

“Its pretty electrifying. They have just been waiting so long to get out of the house and get together as a team. We are social distancing, everybody, as you noticed, who came through the gate has their temperature taken. We are keeping everybody in pods of 10-12, we rotate stations and right now we are just doing football related drills,” Vaqueros head coach Ron Burner said.

“It felt amazing just being back out on the field with everyone, seeing everyone’s face being back together working as a team again. They (coaches) definitely make sure to enforce the 6 feet. A little bit of a punishment if we don’t, but no one has messed up that rule yet,” Vaqueros senior guard said.

“Well honestly I’ve seen great improvement from the freshman and their actually doing a good job spreading out. It feels amazing to be with the family and getting back to work. I jut feel like this is what we needed to come back and get work done,” Vaqueros junior wide receiver Savigon Yokley added.

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