Eli Berman shares an inside look at Israel’s response to the coronavirus pandemic from self-isolation

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Israel is currently reporting about a thousand cases of coronavirus and the government is flying citizens from around the world home, free of charge.

The Israeli government is using the Israeli airline, El Al, to send planes to all corners of the globe to rescue young Israeli travelers and bring them home. Berman said the most interesting part of this is that the government allowed the Israeli intelligence agency to track the phones of people who were diagnosed with COVID -19. The reason behind this action is to track who a diagnosed person has been in contact with.

The agency is able to call or text people who were exposed to someone who has COVID-19 and tell them they must self-quarantine. It’s a controversial act since it could be a potential violation of privacy laws, but since it’s a state of emergency and the intel agency isn’t using the technology to penalize people who aren’t abiding but the quarantine rules but just to warn civilians it was allowed by the courts.

Furthermore, Israel has essentially been on a countrywide lockdown for over a week. Berman explained that all the new orders showing up in the United States from the federal government and different state governments have been implemented in Israel for just over a week.

Israelis are all participating in self-quarantining, including Berman himself. He explained the reason behind self-quarantine is to allow only essential workers to be able to go to work. It’s not that these actions will stop the pandemic, but it will flatten the graph and slow down the spread of COVID-19 to prevent overcrowding in the country’s hospitals.

We see a great deal of civil obedience and great leadership by our prime minister in handling this crisis, even his critics think he is way ahead of the curb in terms of trying to prevent the pandemic from spreading more.

The army is also taking an active role and getting hotels to host people who have Covid-19 but don’t need full medical attention and therefore they can be isolated.

KUSI’s Jason Austell spoke with Eli Berman, who is studying law in the United States but returned to Israel with an update on how they are handling the pandemic there.

Eli Berman works for Israel’s Likud Party (the Israeli Conservative Party). He is a former paratrooper in the IDF and previously worked at the United Nations for the Israeli ambassador. He recently moved back to Israel after living in the United States while he was working for his party in the world Zionist Congress elections and completing law school.

The complete interview with Eli Berman can be seen below:

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