Elite Skateboard Training Facility opens in Vista

A new elite skateboard training facility opened up in Vista, A. The California Training Facility is the world’s first high performance center featuring a full-sized concrete competition Street Course and Park Course. The new facility was developed explicitly for skateboarding.

“During a contest, we get there, we don’t really have that many days to practice so we have to really try and rush and do everything we can so its nice that this is here so we can come whenever we want. Its going to be similar enough to the parks to where it will feel relatively close to what we’ve been practicing on” said Tom Schaar, third ranked skateboarder in the world.

The 2020 Summer Olympics will host skateboarding for the first time ever. This facility is also a destination place for international teams training for the Olympics.

The CA|TF opens up opportunities for beginners as well in their development classes hosted by professional skateboarder, coach and mentor Lincoln Ueda.
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