Elon Musk tells Supervisor Jim Desmond he will help with San Diego’s new Transportation Plan

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County District 5 Supervisor, Jim Desmond, has been leading the opposition against SANDAG’s extremely unpopular mileage tax proposal.

The mileage tax is part of the passed $163 Billion Regional Transportation Plan, but SANDAG Board Members who voted to pass it, originally promised the mileage tax would be removed. But the mileage tax is the main funding mechanism of the plan, and SANDAG’s Executive Director, Hasan Ikhrata, is demanding Board members implement it.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, SANDAG Chair Nora Vargas, and Supervisor Nathan Fletcher are all supportive of the plan, and refuse to publicly speak out against it.

KUSI News recently ran a Twitter poll, asking our followers if they are for or against the proposed mileage tax, and the results were just as expected. 97% of voters were against the tax.

Nevertheless, our Democrat leaders seem to be doing everything they can to make the unpopular mileage tax a reality.

Republican Supervisor Jim Desmond, along with others, has been urging San Diegans to tell their representatives to oppose the plan, and his efforts seem to be paying off.

Desmond took his effort one step further, asking Elon Musk to to help come up with “a realistic transportation plan, instead of the plan we have now which they want to tax us out of our cars?”

Musk responded saying “Sure,” and tagged the official handle of his, Boring Company.

Desmond met with leaders from the Boring Company the next day, and joined KUSI’s Jason Austell to tell us what happened at that meeting.

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