Emergency declared in Ferguson following violent shooting

FERGUSON (KUSI) – It's going to be another hot, maybe violent, night in Ferguson Missouri. One year and one day after the death of Michael Brown. 

Monday night, there is another man critically injured, who police said shot at them first. That's why things are so tense there.

All day Monday, there was a stand-off at the federal courthouse in Saint Louis.

About 50 protesters are now in custody after blocking an entrance. 

They are calling for more aggressive U.S. government response to what they call racist law enforcement practices.

But, it's the gunfire Sunday night that is worrying residents now.

Police said 18-year-old Tyrone Harris opened fire at a van loaded with undercover officers. Harris ran and they followed him in unmarked cars.

When the officers got out of their car, they said he started shooting at them again, so they returned fire, hitting him several times.

Harris is now in critical condition and he is charged with first-degree assault of a law enforcement officer.

So because of the violence, a top St. Louis county official declared a state of emergency.

"We can't afford to have this kind of violence, not only on a night like this…but at any point in time if we're going to really move forward in the right direction," said Chief Jon Belmar. "We need the public's help. We can't do it by ourselves. We have to have the community out here helping us, working with us to identify this and to make this stop."

Harris' family members said he was a friend of Micheal Brown and was just there to remember his friend killed a year ago.

They claim he didn't have a gun, but police said he was using a stolen handgun.

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