Emotionally overwhelmed advice from Margena Carter at Carter Care Therapeutic Services

You may be emotionally overwhelmed by many different life stressors and life events: from feeling suffocated from quarantining with your spouse for 6 months to a recent breakup.

However, you’re drowning in your thoughts & problems and can’t seem to wade the waters of life. You feel frozen or paralyzed by your circumstances.

Here are some ways to calm your emotions from Margena Carter at Carter Care Therapeutic Services :

1: Pinpoint the primary source of overwhelming.
Identify what is the number one reason that you’re feeling overwhelmed and understanding that the primary source of your problems is making other areas of your lifeless manageable.

It may feel like you have to solve all your problems today but you don’t have to. Start with the biggest problem and tackle that.

2: Challenge your perfectionism.
Focus on progression not perfection. Be gentle and kinder to yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

You can do anything, not everything.

3: Outsource or delegate.
Get some help from a friend or a family to help you will all your todos.

But also make a list of things to STOP doing. Sometimes our stop doing lists needs to be longer than our to-do list.

You don’t’ have to figure everything out at once.

Stop it! Take a moment and calm down.

4: Challenge your assumptions.

That everyone is managing their life so well, so why can’t you? Keep calm and understand that nobody else knows what they are doing either. We are all just trying to figure it out.

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