Encinitas Mayor on SANDAG’s proposed 2021 Regional Transportation Plan

ENCINITAS (KUSI) – San Diego Association of Governments is proposing a new regional transportation plan, which includes a Vehicle Miles Traveled fee, an additional tax on drivers.

While the proposed plan includes many other ordinances, the VMT fee has stirred myriad San Diegans who already feel they are paying enough in taxes.

Chair of SANDAG and Mayor of Encinitas Catherine Blakespear joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes to discuss the proposed SANDAG plan.

Mayor Blakespear described that she wanted something better than the status quo and to improve public transportation in San Diego.

“And if you think about anything that’s been hard, and that we’ve done that’s big, it’s been something that there have been divergent opinions,” Mayor Blakespear began. “There have been minority voices. There have been people that have said, we can’t do that. But when we do do it, we’re really thrilled by it. And I think we’re on that precipice right now. Where we could have a transportation system that works better for more people and is cleaner and greener and faster,” Mayor Blakespear said.

She added that the plan is only in the proposal stages and will go up to the voters later on.

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