Enhancery Jewelers is a family tradition

Enhancery Jewelers has been a San Diego tradition for many families for close to four decades.

Marty and Kathy White started the business in their 20’s in 1978 as the sole proprietors, with two small children and one on the way.

They now have a much larger store and six employees — many of them family members.

Their customers span four generations and most are known to them and we enjoy helping them celebrate the important moments in their lives. A good customer once commented "it’s like Cheers without the beer, Where everyone knows your name!."

Marty and Kathy travel the world visiting gem mines and cutting factories finding the best sources for their customers and have even produced ad DVD of their travels they run in the store and give to customers to learn more about the gems they are buying.

Enhancery Jewelers generously has supported many community organizations each year with donations and have sponsored community events. Kathy has been a past President of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and helped with the grand opening of their Carlsbad campus.

She also has taught gemology at the San Diego Gemological Association in Balboa Park donating her time to help others learn about gems, some of her students eventually went on to GIA to become gemologists themselves.

“It has been a pleasure giving back to the community that has supported us and our families for over 38 years.”

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