City crews rush to complete pothole repairs in San Diego

The recent heavy rains in San Diego have left our roads riddled with potholes. There are so many big holes in our streets, you can't possibly count them all. And what's worse meteorologist are predicting that more rain is on the way.

KUSI's Ed Lenderman was on pothole patrol Tuesday with a city crew and he shares their plans to repair our streets.

You may not like loud noises, but if this sound is your neighborhood, you welcome it. What's more, city workers Phil Mchorney and Frank Henderson work pretty quickly, because Tuesday and for the foreseeable future, they're on the run. They'll try to get to 30 to 40 more potholes before the day is done. They are trying to complete as many repairs as possible before our next storm hits making a bad situation worse.

San Diego's streets are already in tough shape because of a lack of proper maintenance due to the budget, and today they are as bad as anyone can remember.

Two gaping holes can be found along Health Center Drive in front of the Sharp Hospital complex.
On a two lane road like that one, it becomes a safety issue.

Street Division Deputy Director Hasan Yousef knows his people have their work cut out for them, “it's bad, almost every street you drive, you're destined to find potholes in it, so it is pretty bad,” he says.

There are usually four two-person crews dedicated to pothole repair, but right now, every street division employee is out on the road. There's a lot of debris to be removed as well.

Saturday and Sunday are also pothole days. Crews worked Christmas week and they'll work this coming weekend too.

Our streets need a lot more money to be spent to get them in better shape, but until then we'll have to make do.

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