Escondido Goodwill back open after El Nino rain flooded store

ESCONDIDO (KUSI) – The Goodwill store in Escondido is open again after suffering a huge loss.

It had been closed for two months when a bad storm damaged the roof and merchandise.

Now the store is clean and looks brand new.

"Everything is clean. I love it. It’s big, you’ve got the upstairs that’s nice, but everything is very nice and very clean," said Charlotte Rogers, a customer.

The Goodwill store has bounced back after a storm in January caused the roof to collapse.

Store Manager Chris Ownes remembers the gaping hole in the roof and how the exit door was blown off by the force of the water.

"The water cascaded through the store and flooded the whole store," he said.

But just as fast as the water poured in, so did the donations in the two months that followed.

"The community donated daily to us so that we could rebuild," said Darlene Cossio, Communications Director of Goodwill.

And after a couple of months of having to be closed for repairs, the store off of West Washington Avenue is open once again.

One of the missions of the store is to get jobs for people who don’t have them. 

"No one lost their jobs we were able to place them in other stores," Cassio said. "We have about 14-hundred employees and nearly half of them are people with disabilities or other barriers to work so we really want to improve their skills and help them retain employment."

"They taught me how to merchandise. I’m usually in the front, they took me to the back so I learned how to do donations, how to sort the clothes, how to do other merchandise to bring out," said Christina Mirandamozo, an employee of the Escondido Goodwill.

And regular customers are sure glad things are back to normal.

"My little grand daughter who is 5 is doing her room in all natural thing so I got this for this little jewelry basket to put her chains, jewelery whatever she wants to put in it," Rogers said

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