Esther Valdes on the deportation of a servicemember’s mother

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The case of a woman who exhausted all pathways of seeking legal immigration has been deported for a fourth time to Mexico by judicial order.

Immigration lawyer Esther Valdes was in-studio today to discuss the implications of the decision, describing how her son, a U.S. Military servicemember, petitioned for her legal status due to the danger of the cartels in her home state and the possible target put on her due to her family relation to the military.

The woman in question, Rocio Rebollar Gomez, was previously told she would need a “miracle” to change her resident status.

“There’s a lot of military families in the same situation,” says Valdes.  “These service members are going to go abroad, they’re going to defend our freedoms, they’re going to protect the rest of us, yet they can’t protect their family.”

Valdes adds that Gomez is in “extreme danger” adding, “how is [her son] going to protect our country knowing that his mom is in the second-most violent country in the world?”

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