Evans Hotels lawsuit against labor Unions, ‘United Here’ and the Construction and Trades Council

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The fight over union tactics that have delayed projects in San Diego over the years is being challenged in a Los Angeles federal court.

The owner of the Bahia Hotel, Bill Evans, brought the suit against two local unions, “United Here,” which represents hotel workers, and the construction and trades council. The lawsuit claims a pattern of extortion and intimidation by the unions to exact concessions from developers such as project labor agreements.

The suit alleges the unions over the years have developed a playbook, or a pattern of tactics, that cross the line from tough negotiations, to illegal activity such as threats to agree to concessions or face a boycott, and other costly delaying tactics. This would include frivolous legal challenges to environmental impact reports, or using labor allies on the City Council to delay or reject a project.

The lawsuit claims these acts or threats, form a pattern of racketeering activity.

Evans Hotels asserts it has been damaged in excess of $100 million and is entitled to recover treble damages.

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