Excerpts from “A Cool-Headed Climate Conversation”

The issue of global warming continues to be debated among the scientists, environmentalists and politicians on both sides of the issue. But, the truth is that there have been no new significant research papers published on the key issue of the impact of carbon dioxide on air temperatures for several years. A constant stream of papers about the fluctuations in temperature and precipitation, storms or lack of storms, how data is measured or processed is published in various journals or posted on various websites almost daily. But, none of them is truly significant. They simply use the latest trends or re-analysis of the old data to forward one position or the other in the global warming debate. So the argument continues without change. Therefore, I don't write blogs on the topic very often.

But, today, a strong new voice has surfaced to debunk the carbon dioxide caused runaway global warming theory and I want to share it with you. This report comes from Larry Bell, a professor at the University of Houston who also is a regular contributor to Forbes.com. He reports on his conversation with the famous aviation and space designer, Burt Rutan. Here are some of the quotes from Rutan:

“….about three or four years ago many alarmist claims by some climate scientists caught my attention. Since this is such an important topic, I began to look into it firsthand.”

“The first thing that got my attention, a lot of people's attention, was statements that the entire planet is heading towards a future climate catastrophe that is attributable to human carbon dioxide emissions. So I decided to take a look at that and just see if this conclusion was arrived at ethically. It's obviously an extremely important issue which has gotten a huge amount of media attention. I was particularly concerned because the proposed solutions will have enormous impacts upon costs of energy, which of course, will increase costs of everything.”

“I even read Al Gore's book, which was very enlightening…but not in a good way. When you look for data to back up his claims, you immediately discover that they are totally unsubstantiated. This was frankly astonishing because analyzing data is something I'm very good at. All my professional life I have been analyzing complex flight test data, interpreting it and presenting it. Something that I always did in flight test is to make a chart that shows every bit of the data, and only then, decide later on the basis of real observed results which parts of the data were valid.”

“Tragically, policymakers have thrown horrendous amounts of taxpayer money needed for other purposes at solving an unsubstantiated emergency. It is scandalous that so many climate scientists who fully knew that Al Gore had no basis for his irresponsible claims stood mute. Meanwhile, that alarmism has generated billions of dollars more to finance a rapidly growing climate science industry with budgets that have risen by a factor of 40 since the early 1990s. I consider this failure to speak up just as unethical as the behavior of those who put out the false catastrophic claims.”

“I was struck by claims that we are experiencing unprecedented warming caused by Man, where data clearly shows that our recent warming isn't unprecedented. I think that's the main thing that drove me into an obsession to look at this climate subject very closely during my early investigations.”

“Have humans had any influence on climate? Sure, probably so, although no one has ever succeeded in accurately measuring them. In the absence of everything else, would adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere have produced some warming? Again, yes. Answering these two questions, and these two questions only, you will see a very large consensus, not only among alarmists, but essentially, every skeptic would also agree.”

“But none of this presumed warming should be taken to suggest that the results will be catastrophic, causing terribly dangerous things to happen…like serious heat waves and droughts which cause crops to fail…or that when they occur they are “unprecedented”. It doesn't require anyone with a climate science-related degree to recognize, for example, that 1938 was the warmest year in recent times, and that CO2 levels were much lower then. These consensus issues are discussed in some detail in three PowerPoint charts included near the end of my “An Engineer's Critique of Global Warming Science” report. The bottom line: there is no consensus on the claims of planet catastrophe.

“Even prominent former global warming doomsayers, are finally seeing the light of reason. One is my good friend James Lovelock who once said that within the next 50 years or so the few remaining humans will be huddled up in high latitudes to escape the heat of the lower latitudes. He has recently said the alarmists were wrong, and has moved to a new coastal home, unafraid of rising seas.”

There is more to the Bell interview with Rutan. You can read it all here:


To some extent the global warming issue will be a part of the elections this November. Republican candidate Romney is a bit luck warm on the issue of climate change and his Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is a full fledged skeptic on the issue. Meanwhile, President Obama strongly supports the global warming alarmists views.

Similarly, many Republican Congressional candidates are skeptics and all Democratic candidates back the Al Gore position.

I regret that a scientific debate has become a political issue because I try not to be a political partisan; it is a weakness in Journalism and I am in part a Journalist and work in a Journalism environment. So I am not backing candidates, only reporting the political facts.

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