Excessive Heat Prompts Rattlesnake Warning

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) Rattlesnakes love the warm weather and are most visible during the spring and summer months.

San Diego County Parks and Recreation Rangers are constantly working to balance recreation and preservation as rattlesnakes play an important part in population control of small mammals like rats and mice.

Rangers are able to protect native habitats by educating the public. New signs have recently gone up at various trails and parks to help make you aware about the presence of rattlesnakes.

Senior Park Ranger Kory Prindle with San Diego County Parks and Recreation says snakes are generally shy and don’t want to be around humans or predators.

Rattling is a warning snakes are angry or feeling threatened.

Avoiding Rattlesnake Encounters:

-Keep your hands and feet where you can see them -Stay on trails -Pay attention to your surroundings and avoid wearing earbuds (you’ll most likely HEAR a rattlesnake before you see one) -Leave snakes alone -Keep your dog a leash

Park Rangers say if you are bitten by a rattlesnake call 911. Stay calm and don’t move around to much.

Fun Facts:

– Rattlesnakes are most identifiable by their triangular head, narrow neck and wide body.

– Rattlesnakes are less shiny than other snakes

– Rattlesnakes don’t have noses. They have nostrils to breathe but they smell using their tongues.

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