Exclusive: Rep. Darrell Issa details crisis along the Southern border

OTAY MESA (KUSI) – One of the first things President Biden did upon taking office was reverse nearly all of President Trump’s immigration policies, including immediately stopping construction of the border wall, and ending the remain in Mexico policy.

Now, there has been an enormous surge of migrants of all ages, coming to the United States from Central America seeking asylum.

Border Patrol facilities have been way over capacity for many weeks, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria offered the federal government the opportunity to house the teenage migrants in the San Diego Convention Center. The San Diego Convention Center is already at capacity, as it is sheltering around 1,000 migrants, who are also receiving in-person instruction from San Diego Unified teachers who have volunteered to teach them.

The Biden Administration has so far refused to call the situation at the border a “crisis,” but Republicans have been urging President Biden to adopt some of the successful policies that were put in place by his predecessor, President Donald Trump.

Many of those Republican legislatures, including Rep. Darrell Issa, continue to be critical of President Biden’s policies, pointing to the humanitarian crisis that has resulted as validation for their inhumane governing.

In a tweet, Issa explained that nothing that’s happening at the US-Mexico border is new, but President Biden’s decision to ignore our immigration system has overwhelmed the United States Border Patrol.

In response to a report that the Department of Homeland Security may restart construction of the border wall, Rep. Darrell Issa tweeted, “the Biden Administration created the border wall gaps. Don’t believe for a moment they will fix them.”

Issa tells KUSI there are “38 gaps” in the border wall, that he is pushing for the Biden Administration to fix. Explaining, “one important thing for the people of this region to know, is that there is a hole in this fence because that (Biden) administration.

Issa added the flooding of the border “can only be justified by a deliberate attempt to reverse the policies of the last (Trump) administration, and the one before (Obama), and the one before (Bush), and the one before (Clinton). Never in my history of President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, President Trump, never have we had this kind of open border deliberately orchestrated as we have here today.”

KUSI’s Dan Plante has covered the border for many years, and got an up close look at the crisis we are experiencing now with Congressman Darrell Issa, who explains that there is in fact a “crisis” at the Southern border.

As Issa and Plante were touring the U.S.-Mexico border, two migrant girls from Guatemala were making their way into the United States illegally, after a 20-day journey. They told USBP that their family lives in Miami, Florida.

But, under President Biden’s policies, the United States government will fly migrants to the city in which their family lives. So, these two girls will be flown to Miami, Florida.

United States Border Patrol Agents told KUSI’s Dan Plante that they feel like they are, “immigrant Uber,” since their time is being used to transport migrants to their families, instead of working to stop criminal and violent activity.

KUSI’s Dan Plante shed some light on this situation, explaining “every single migrant that comes across, is a product of a cartel, or a smuggling organization. You know, they’re calling this asylum, an in many cases it is asylum, but that word is being used in a broad sense where anybody can come in and put there hands up and say, ‘I have a credible fear, let me in.'”

Furthermore, there have been multiple videos of smugglers cruelly getting migrant children illegally into the United States, using whatever means necessary. USBP Chief Gloria Chavez, El Paso Sector, published a video on Twitter of smuggler dropping two young girls from the top of the wall in the middle of the night.

Chief Chavez reported the young girls to be ages 3 & 5.

Another video that went viral on Wednesday shows a 10-year-old boy from Nicaragua asking a U.S. Border Patrol officer for help after the group he was traveling with abandoned him.

Neither President Biden nor Vice President Harris have visited the U.S.-Mexico border to see the crisis first-hand.

A reporter recently asked VP Harris if she had plans to visit the border, and she laughed.

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