Exclusive: Shutting down Spring Valley’s illegal marijuana dispensaries

SPRING VALLEY (KUSI) — Sheriff’s investigators raided an illegal marijuana dispensary in Spring Valley early Thursday.

KUSI was the only broadcast station to obtain video of the operation. The shop was one of about a dozen black market shops in the area.

Deputies served two search warrants on the OC Holistic dispensary on Troy Street, where they say they seized a large amount of marijuana, $2,500 in cash and numerous items used for the sale of marijuana.

Through its Department of Planning and Development Services, the county is taking action against the landlords and property owners who rent to these unlawful and unlicensed cannabis shops, which is a violation of the county’s zoning laws.

If the property owner doesn’t make the tenant leave within ten days, the county can call the sheriff’s department into padlock the doors, board up the property and deny all access, until the owner obtains a new permit for a legal use. This was not the first time deputies had been to the dispensary.

Only three weeks ago, the same shop was served a ten-day abatement notice. Investigators say it appeared that the business was being cleared out, but the operators brazenly re-opened the next day.

With this property now secured by the county, sheriff’s deputies say that won’t happen again.

Sheriff’s investigators say they expect to serve more of these ten-day notices. They say their target is to close down one illegal dispensary a week.

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