Extreme Sailing Series coming to San Diego in October

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A four-day sailing festival is coming to San Diego, but this event is like no other sailing event, the Extreme Sailing Series will be held off Harbor Island in October.

They say it’s like NASCAR on the water! It’s the Extreme Sailing Series. And it’s coming to San Diego October 19 through the 22nd.

"San Diego is an amazing venue. We do stadium style racing bring live shows to the shore.  As we can see today, some amazing sailing conditions." said Andy Tourell, Event Director.

The racing takes place just 5 meters off the shore of Harbor Island, in the man-made peninsula, located near Downtown San Diego.

"There’s enough space for some of the best sailors to push GC32 catamarans to their limit ans sometimes beyond." said Tourell.

The world’s best sailors will deliver high-performance action. It’s the first time the global racing series comes to the United States since it was in Boston in 2011.

And since San Diego has an extensive history with sailing, it’s an ideal location.

The four day event is also expected to boost the local economy.

"We think extreme sailing this Oct 19th will produce about 10,000 room nights which is huge and 30,000 people on the water viewing this great event." said Joe Terzi, CEO of the San Diego Tourism Authority.

Best of all, the event is FREE for spectators.

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