Finding the Truth About Proposition D

One week from today, the annoying TV and radio commercials will disappear.  Finally, all of those signs cluttering nearly every corner can come down and we can start talking about holiday shopping instead of who will win and who will lose.  The voting will be over, but we will be left to live with what we decide. 

 There are two propositions facing San Diego voters that will affect you and your personal budgets for years.  Proposition J calls for a $98 parcel tax, or property tax, to help offset a growing deficit in the school budget.  The District says it is needed because the state is cutting the amount it gives the district and there is no other way to make up the difference.  It claims it has already cut so deep, that the next cuts will be in the classroom and hurt the students.  Opponents disagree, saying more can be cut, especially in school administration, before asking home and business owners for more money.

 The other important proposition is Prop D.  It calls for a half-cent increase in the San Diego city sales tax for at least five years.  Proponents say it is critical that voters approve the tax in order to keep the city from cutting deeper into police and fire budgets.  Opponents of Prop D claim the city can do much better reforming its pension plan for city workers and by implementing managed competition contracts for city services.  They say we don't need new taxes; we need more competent management of what taxpayers already pay.

 KUSI is planning a one-hour special on these two important propositions.  I am proud to host this special KUSI News presentation this Thursday night at 9 o'clock.  We are working hard to provide a fair, balanced and informative look at all sides of these propositions.  However, there is one very important player who apparently will not be here and will not send a surrogate to argue in favor of Prop D.

 Mayor Jerry Sanders is the face of this proposition.  He appears in the TV ads and he has appeared on KUSI and other stations several times already arguing in favor of this new tax on the citizens of San Diego.  Yet, now he says, he will not appear on the special this Thursday night.  The head of the Prop D campaign has also just confirmed it will not officially be sending anyone to present its side of this taxation story.  The other two major politicians supporting this new tax, Council members Donna Frye and Todd Gloria are also declining our invitation to explain their position.  The Yes on Prop D campaign feels KUSI is not presenting the issue fairly to the viewers.  That is their opinion, but that kind of argument is always a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They say they won't change their mind, but I hope they do.  The people of San Diego deserve to know why the mayor and members of the council feel they should pay more taxes.  It's just a week before the election and some are just making up their minds. 

 We will be on the air at 9 on Thursday night and we will do our best using videotape and our committed “live” guests to fairly present both sides of the argument so you can decide what to do with your money.  Tune in to find out if the Yes on D supporters will change their mind and join us for this important discussion.




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