Facebook lays out proactive security measures to protect integrity of upcoming elections

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As San Diego and the rest of the country prepares for the upcoming Super Tuesday primary, Facebook has taken numerous proactive security measures to protect the integrity of this election period.

Facebook has built sophisticated systems to fight election interference from increasingly sophisticated attacks at the hands of nation states like Russia, Iran and China, so that voters in upcoming primaries and caucuses will not have to worry about fake accounts, groups and pages that may be attempting to spread misinformation or to amplify each other. Just this month Facebook removed 78 Facebook accounts, 11 Pages, and 29 Groups from Russia, Iran, Vietnam and Myanmar for engaging in foreign or government interference.

Facebook has built artificial intelligence (AI) systems and teams of expert investigators who can identify coordinated inauthentic behaviors. These teams are comprised of former members of the intelligence community, law enforcement and investigative journalists.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Security Policy at Facebook, spoke with KUSI’s Paul Rudy about these crucial protection measures.

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