Facebook to hire 3,000 new employees to help monitor content

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Facebook is reportedly hiring 3,000 additional employees to help review user content after several incidents where users posted live videos of murders or suicides.

According to CNNMoney, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday the social media company will add 3,000 new people to "review the millions of reports we get every week." That is in addition to the 4,500 people already on the team.

"Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook — either live or in video posted later," Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. "It’s heartbreaking, and I’ve been reflecting on how we can do better for our community."

In April, a Cleveland man used Facebook to broadcast while he shot and killed a man. The video was up for several hours before Facebook finally took it down.

According to CNNMoney, a man in Thailand posted several videos showing him killing his 11-month-old daughter and then himself. Those videos were up for about 24 hours before being removed.

"We do not allow this kind of content on Facebook," the company said in a statement provided to CNNTech. "We work hard to keep a safe environment on Facebook, and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies when there are direct threats to physical safety."

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"If we’re going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly," Zuckerberg wrote on Wednesday.

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