Fallbrook mom sexually attacked in broad daylight

A triple threat: a daytime attack, with a knife, and the trauma involved a child. Detectives are all over this one.

“That’s why I say don’t ride on those bike trails… we don’t!” Exclaimed Desiree Castillo, a concerned neighbor after hearing the happenstance.

Castillo, a frightened mother, told her children to be aware after a daytime attack in their Fallbrook neighborhood. It happened in a Lake Shore Park area at 8:30 AM Wednesday morning: a woman was jogging on a trail, pushing her 2-year-old in a jogging stroller, when a man jumped out from the bushes. He had a knife, he overpowered her and sexually assaulted her. After a few minutes, he ran off. The 2-year-old may have witnessed the whole thing.

“It’s sick, very sick, only word I can think of to describe it,” continued Castillo.

“It makes me feel unprotected, uneasy since learning the news,” said resident Lisa Floyd. “My kids have been out running around … really close to my house.”

The woman did get a good look at her attacker and gave detectives a detailed description: he is a white or Hispanic male, about 6’1″ or 6’2″, 35 – 40 years old, heavy with what the woman described as a “beer belly”, mustachioed and neatly trimmed full beard, wearing a black T-shirt and black work pants. Sheriff’s investigators say they are working this case very aggressively.

“A lot of us have children, easy to put transparency,” said Jan Caldwell of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. “What if this was my sister, my wife, my spouse? Put extra effort into it, certainly when there is a child involved.”

A child and a mother, both of whom will never be the same after a bold and brutal attack.

“I thought it was a much safer area cause it’s far away from the city,” concluded Castillo. “That’s sad to know it’s not.”

The Sheriff’s Department sent out some safety tips and it’s always good to go over them: jog or walk with someone else; don’t run in secluded areas; carry a charged cell phone, maybe a whistle or pepper spray; don’t wear a headset. Expect additional patrol cars in that area of Fallbrook for the next several days.
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