Fallbrook parents express concern after two lockdowns at local schools

FALLBROOK (KUSI) — Administrator’s for the Fallbrook Unified School District got an earful Monday from concerned parents after two separate threats prompted a campus lockdown.

Now, they are considering new safety measures.

The meeting Monday night was in part a response to very concerned parents who are now worried what may happen when they send their child to school. 

Parent Norah Maier told board members she’s pleased Fallbrook Unified School District is proactively trying to keep students safe after a second lockdown in the span of just a few weeks.

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"I’ve had four phone calls and four emails on both locations keeping me informed of what was happening here on campus," Maier said.

Out of two lockdowns, the first one in February did produce what we all fear: A loaded gun found in a classroom.

Three students were arrested as a result. 

And after a second lockdown this month, another fear was realized: Fallbrook schools have no law enforcement on campus. They aren’t even guaranteed to be close by.

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"This is the first year we haven’t had a deputy on campus. The rationale behind that is we are in an unincorporated part of San Diego county, unfortunately usually sheriff’s or deputies, or any security on campus is paid for by the city that you live in. And since we are unincorporated, Fallbrook does not even staff a sheriff’s station full time, 24/7. If you call right now after 5 p.m., you’re gonna’ get a recording and some CHP officer is gonna’ have to come out here from Temecula," Maier said.

Parents like Maier took this concern to the district, which is now aggressively trying to get a uniform presence on campus.

Fallbrook High Principal Dr. Narciso Iglesias presented new trainings that all staff and faculty must complete, assuring parents in the audience Fallbrook employees know how to respond if a lockdown turned into an active shooter situation.

He said starting this week, everyone will be mentally prepared to protect students in the case of an emergency.

The school board also mentioned a new purchase called Columbine-style locks, where the lock is on the inside of the door allowing the teacher to secure it in the case of a lockdown.

"I really commend them in how they really strive to keep our children’s safety even in an abundance of caution sometimes when it doesn’t look like there really would be any danger to the children, but they’re not making any gambles on it, and I appreciate that as a parent," Maier said.

Teachers are undergoing training this Thursday and Friday. They are then told to share what they learned with their students.

Students will then practice an active shooter drill next month and the district will hold another meeting for parents soon. 

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