Fallout from Sterling’s NBA ousting

Just before 11:30 LST, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver showed Donald Sterling the door in what the league is hoping is the final act in this particularly ugly chapter of league history. But will it be? This was Adam Silver on Saturday:

“let me just add that all members of the NBA Family are entitled to due process”

Jim Miller, a local sports attorney, has this opinion on the swift and harsh punishment:

“What he said is from a man totally out of touch with reality, and I commend the NBA for taking swift action. I disagree with the NBA that their action is immediately over the top and not phased in.”

Consider this, if this private conversation didn’t have two party consent, it couldn’t be used in California court. But the NBA is governed under their own set of rules.

“In a court room, these statements aren’t going to let in, most likely, except to show the judge this is how they are trying to strip me of my asset by using this.”

While the words to describe Sterling are ignorant, racist and bigoted, it’s his girlfriend V. Stiviano that has the biggest legal trouble.

“She may have violated some criminal codes, namely the California Right to Privacy Act,” stated Attorney at Law Bobby Samini. 

But what precedent does this ruling of a lifetime ban set for the NBA? Should Kobe Bryant have been suspended for life for his homophobic slur back in 2011? He wasn’t even suspended for a game, just fined $100,000 for which.

“It sets a completely new bar. He can’t let a star player off the hook, any more than he can let an owner off the hook. So if LeBron (James) says something on the court that may be a little bit offensive, there goes your number one NBA draw.”

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