Families affected by crimes by undocumented immigrants demand border wall funding

SAN DIEGO (KUSI)- The debate over a border wall is intensifying. On Friday, the families of those killed by people who were in the United States illegally, held a rally at the San Ysidro border. A group that calls itself the “Angel Families” told reporters they support President Trump’s demand for border wall funding.

The issue is heading for a showdown this week, as Congress wraps up work on a spending bill. The President wants lawmakers to approve $5 billion for construction of a wall at the southwest border with Mexico.

The families voiced concerns that without a border wall, other families will be at risk. Mary Ann Mendoza, a Phoenix woman whose police officer son was killed in a 2014 collision involving an undocumented immigrant who was driving drunk and high said she does not want other families to suffer in the same way.

“Not one more American life needs to be lost at the hands of an illegal alien criminal in this country,” Mendoza said.

The group said the danger isn’t posed only by those who violate our borders. Agnes Gibboney, whose son Ronald was killed in 2002 by an undocumented immigrant who was a gang member said congressional leaders like Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to be stopped.

“They’re holding President Trump hostage and blackmailing President Trump. President Trump should not agree with anything they want. If that’s how we’re going to play this game, then nothing for Congress anymore. Don’t sign anything, don’t let any of their nonsense bills pass,” Gibboney said.

If Congress doesn’t act to approve the border wall funding, the “Angel Families” said they would support a government shutdown. The federal Department of Homeland Security is one of the agencies that would be affected in a shutdown. Federal officers who work at the border would report for duty, but without pay.

“It’s not that they’re never going to get that pay. It will be a hardship on them, but a lot of us who have lost loved ones in this fight have lost our jobs, and this is our job now – to educate the American public,” Mendoza said.

In June, the “Angel Families” met with President Trump in the Oval Office. On Saturday morning, a march in support of the President and the border wall will be held at the pedestrian bridge at the San Ysidro crossing.

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