Family Business: Escondido Feed and Pet Supply

KUSI’s Allie Wagner was live at Escondido Feed & Pet Supply for Family Business Thursday.

From Escondido Feed & Pet Supply:

Escondido Feed & Pet Supply has happily served North County’s large and small animal needs for 38 years and counting. Not only do we have the best selection of dog and cat food and supplies, but we are also San Diego County’s chicken specialists.

Escondido Feed founder, Cindy Lou, is a Southern California native. She was raised in Orange County and moved to San Diego in the 70s to attend San Diego State, where she met her husband Jim just after receiving her teaching credential. They bought a feed store in El Cajon back in 1975, and expanded to a second location in Escondido in 1978 (the same year current owner Evan was born.) With the expansion, Cindy Lou quit teaching to run the Escondido store. She learned everything she knew from Jim, who grew up on a farm in East Country.

As a life-long animal lover, Cindy Lou thrived in the feed & pet industry. She raised both of her sons Evan and Reed in the store – many long-time customers will tell fun stories of finding the boys playing in massive 15’x15′ playpens made out of dog cans or climbing over the bags of feed like the pallets were a jungle gym. Stock tanks made perfect swimming pools on hot days, and they both worked in the store throughout their lives (and were fired more than once!)

Back in 2005, after 27 years of running Escondido Feed, Cindy Lou retired and sold the store to her oldest son, Evan. She now lives on a ranch in Idaho with her husband, three horses, a mini mule, about 50 chickens, three goats, three dogs, and three cats – her version of heaven.

As the new owner of his family business, Evan happily stepped in and continued serving the community with the same level of care and service. He has spent his entire life in the store and on the farm, so you could say he is a life-long student of the industry. Things have changed quite a bit over the years – what started as more of a horse and livestock-focused business has evolved to meet the needs of the community, who have less land, more domestic pets, but still a love for chickens! We fully support that urban farming trend, our staff is very knowledgable, our prices are more competitive than ever, and our famous anniversary sale gets bigger and better every year.

But aside from the great prices and wide selection, the most unique thing you’ll find at Escondido Feed is the crew. At Escondido Feed, we get to know our customers. We care about them, their animals, and their lives. We’re a family of friendly, caring, hard working animal lovers. We do this because we love animals, our customers and our community. We know how nice it is to be recognized both in the store and around town, so we make an effort to learn names, to ask how people are doing, to make the store a fun place for kids, and to create an environment that people want to keep coming back to, year after year, generation after generation.

We are proud to be the oldest single-family owned feed store in the county, and we appreciate your support!

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