Family Business: Hawthorne Country Store

Who is Hawthorne Country Store?

We are a family owned and operated business with two locations to serve you. Brian and Suzy Hawthorne along with their daughter Heather and son- in- law Terry Thelen bring their varied experience to work in support of local country lifestyle enthusiasts.

Our intention is to provide useful and unique, quality products related to the agrarian lifestyle in our rural and growing urban environments. Three generations of family currently provide retail experience with broad pet, equestrian, livestock, gardening, home food preservation, western lifestyle clothing and home décor offerings.

Our primary owner Brian comes from a heavy equipment background. We have family still in that arena and frequently recommend Hawthorne Brothers tool shed as another resource for you to use in your country projects. We love to recommend and support other small local businesses such as Excelsior leather, for leather repair or Grangettos for our larger farms fertilizer and bulk seed.

You can see through our product line that someone loves animals and someone is passionate about canning. Heather is zealous about helping you find the right feed for your animal family; while Suzy is the loving purveyor of home food preservation specialties.

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