Family Business — Leilani’s Cafe

KUSI’s Allie Wagner was live at Leilani’s Cafe for Family Business Thursday.

“Aloha from San Diego,

We are a family run Hawaiian business. Our business starts with Leilani and Leilanis Cafe. She started her cafe in 2000 and has been serving home cooked Hawaiian plate lunch ever since. In 2013 we acquired the building next to the Cafe and ventured into the retail world. We sell all the products from Hawaii including: a wide variety of grocery items, apparel for the entire family including surf wear, luau attire, hats, and footwear. We also sell jewelry, perfumes, lotions, and gifts.

We recently merged with another store, Motu Hawaii, who was selling the same goods and we became one family. The Motu Hawaii family and the Leilani’s family have joined forces to become the premiere fresh flower lei makers in San Diego. We make in-house custom Hawaiian leis from plumerias, orchids, tuberose, ginger, and carnations.

Our Hawaiian family is bringing aloha to the people of San Diego and we hope you’ll stop by and say ALOHA!!!”

Leilani’s Cafe:

5105 Cass St., San Diego, CA 92109

(619) 246-1494

Hours of Operation:

Mon thru Sat: 9am-6pm and Sunday: 9am-5pm

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