Family Business: San Diego Hardware

San Diego Hardware, one of the oldest family-owned businesses in San Diego, is celebrating its 125th birthday with a party for the public on Dec. 8 and 9. The event will have free food, popcorn, gifts (limited quantity) and a ceremony honoring the store’s 125 years in business, as well as special guests, including the “Hardware Lady” model shown in the store’s original advertisements. San Diego Hardware was first incorporated on Dec. 8, 1892. A veritable fixture in San Diego, the store is the oldest business in the city still owned by its founding family, one of the founding members of the Chamber of Commerce. San Diego Hardware’s large and unique selection of decorative hardware and plumbing, dedication to personal service, and unmatched hardware expertise make it the go-to shop for contractors, interior designers and homeowners looking for decorative hardware, as well as plumbing and bath fixtures. Now the next generation is working at the store. Hannah Fleming and Bryan Haynsworth (a fifth generation of the original founding family) are taking the store into the future with new websites and an online site that is launching soon. At the anniversary celebration, the owners will honor the store’s past with historic photos and memorabilia and also preview the new future websites. They will also have someone reenacting the original Hardware Lady and will reveal what their search for information about her identity has found about this enigmatic young woman.

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