Family facing criticism following sea rescue

Two weeks into their trip around the world, the Kaufman family of four – onboard their sailboat The Rebel Heart, sends a distress signal. Stranded off the coast of Mexico, their one-year-old daughter was violently ill. The Air National Guard literally jumped to action, as four pararescuemen jumped out of a C-130 plane into the water, blew up a small boat and rescued the family from their sinking boat. Father Eric, mother Charlotte, 4-yea-old Cora and one-year-old Lyra were taken to a Navy ship.
“We've been quite pleased with her status,” said Major Mark Bomann. “The family is exhausted, as one can imagine, but they are out of any imminent danger or harm which is what you would worry about in a boat that may have problems.”
The parents blogged about their trip, and it was not an easy journey. Charlotte documented bouts of nausea and lack of sleep, not able to clean properly and, in talking about little Lyra, “trust me”, show wrote, “we have no one else to blame for bringing a 13-month-old to sea than ourselves.” There were some happy moments in there too, but after the rescue, hundreds of people commented – many hiding behind their keyboards, criticizing the couple for being horrible parents and putting rescuers' lives in danger. The family released a statement defending themselves saying quote:
“We understand there are those who question our decision to sail with our family, but please know that this is how our family has lived for seven years…(we) remain today confident that we prepared as well as any sailing crew could.” End quote.
There are other questions: who will pay for this multi-agency rescue? The Coast Guard says they do not charge for search-and-rescue operations, and the Navy and Air National Guard say they do not plan to ask for money to cover costs. This, they say, is part of what they do.
Charlotte's brother in North Park stated telephonically that he is just happy his sister and her babies are safe. All polarizing comments and judgements about how the family chooses to live aside, the one-year-old is doing better, and again, the family is expected back on solid ground Wednesday.
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