Family of Chula Vista cold-case calls for justice in murder of daughter

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) — As detectives and cadaver dogs combed the Otay River bottom, the family of Gaby Gonzalez showed up.

"It’s a nightmare. We want justice," said Eduardo Gonzalez, Gaby’s brother.

Fighting back tears, he said the family is grateful detectives have not given up looking for his sister.

Gaby was a typical 14 year old when she went missing. Detectives said Gaby had left a note for her mom on April 5, 2002 saying she loved her.

The teen apparently went to the home of her 19-year-old boyfriend instead of Montgomery High School.

She was never seen again. Shortly after she went missing, police got information leading them to believe she was killed.

"We’ve long believed that Gaby may be buried in the Otay River bottom. We got some information recently that caused us to revisit this," said Lt. Fritz Reber of the Chula Vista Police Department.

It’s been a homicide cold-case until now.

Leticia Gonzales shared pictures of her daughter near the search area.

"No matter what they find, she’ll never be OK," she said.

The last time she saw her daughter, the two went to lunch. She said Gaby had said something strange to her.

"For some reason, Gaby said she had a feeling she was going to die at a very young age," Leticia Gonzalez said.

The family did not look into it further.

Now, they are hoping after all these years, someone out there knows what happened or who killed her.

Police passed out flyers with Gaby’s picture on it in the surrounding communities, hoping someone has information on what happened to her or remembers what happened when she disappeared.

"Not knowing closes the closet in your heart having hope, but the reality is it’s been a long time and we’ve suffered a lot," Eduardo said.

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